Our 12m telescopic model has been reengineered taking into consideration the latest technology. This is a good seller since we are the best in price and offer peace of mind when buying local over imported units.
See photo “2015 – SL-T120 AP”


In 2014 we developed our Single H DTH OBC Drilling rig for contractors. This unit was simplified not only in design and weight, but we also managed to get the price down substantially to make it attractive to our customers without compromising the quality.
See photo “2014 – Single H OBC”


Our very popular standard SL125 Aerial Platform has been a big seller since it was designed by us in 2013. We have mounted this 12m street light cherry picker onto many makes and models of trucks and our customers are extremely satisfied with the design and price. We continue to get monthly orders for this unit.
See photo “2013 – SL125 AP”