At Smith Capital our value added services have ensured our leadership in the market for decades. From our in-house design and product development to our excellent field and maintenance services, our clients are assured of quality equipment and expert support at every stage of working with us.

Design and product development

We are the only company in Africa that designs and manufactures a range of aerial platforms. We also design and fabricate drilling rigs. We have a team of skilled engineers, draughtsmen and product specialists who design and develop our products. We design with simplicity, practicality and safety in mind. We use computer-aided design (CAD) software to create full 3D models of the units before we actually build them. We continually strive to improve our models to produce excellent working units. We also incorporate the latest technologies into our units to assure our clients of the most up to date and value for money products in the market.

Evaluation of customers’ needs

We advise our clients on the correct equipment to handle their specific or unique requirements. We assess their needs, which may include site visits, and assist them in finding the best and the simplest solution to achieve their goals.

Field services

Our field service personnel have many years of experience in handling, repairing and maintaining hydraulic equipment such as aerial platforms, cranes and drilling rigs, ensuring speedy repair services and minimum downtime.

We employ the largest number of Lifting Machinery Inspectors in the industry who conduct load testing all over South Africa and on our own premises and provide load test certificates for each aerial platform and crane they certify.

Our service department also offers troubleshooting on hydraulic and electrical circuits, familiarisation training, crack detection and servicing. We also offer service contracts which include annual and bi-annual servicing and certification on the units.

In-house repairs

We offer extensive repair, reconditioning and rebuilding services, on our own manufactured units as well as imported units. We provide detailed quotations on every job and can ensure a customised solution to meet any repair or upgrade needed. We handle maintenance and servicing, hydraulic oil analysis, repairs to ground engaging tools (hammer, bit and skirt assembly) and compressor repairs.

Spares and consumables

We offer an efficient supply of after-sales parts and consumables at highly competitive prices for aerial platforms, drilling rigs and cranes. Where possible we keep stock of wearing parts and breakdown spares to assist in a quick turnaround time. What we don’t have in stock we can source in record time. We fabricate various types of kelly bar augers, continuous flight augers and also cleaning buckets.

Training and commissioning

We provide free familiarisation training for operators on each new unit that is delivered within South African borders. Our expert trainers are familiar with our equipment and understand the latest technologies used in our units. We also supply user operating manuals for all our models.