MARREL Ampliroll Hooklifts

Marrel is the inventor of the Ampliroll® hooklift.

As designer, manufacturer and assembler of the system, the company has total control of the entire production process and offers a wide range of hydraulic hoists.

Combining intelligent design with high pressure hydraulics, Marrel’s product range is thoroughly adapted to the requirements of professional users for efficiency and productivity.

The clever design and quality materials used in the production of Marrel Ampliroll hoists guarantee high performance and durability.

The product range, consisting of three lines of Ampliroll hooklift, allows containers of various lengths to be loaded from the ground onto a trailer, transported and tipped.

For a wider range of handling possibilities and optimum performance, the design office is able to tailor the equipment to meet specific customer requirements.

Versatility, power, reduced maintenance costs and standards compliance are the major advantages provided by Marrel Ampliroll.