Our LadderLiftTM Pedestal Mounted Ladder (PML) design has been approved by an ECSA registered professional Engineer. The PML feature a cylinder at the front to lift the ladder instead of pulling to lift. This means less pressure from the pump and less current drawn from the battery. The loading bins can be reduced to accommodate the extra weight of a hydraulic operated extra feature. This option is available to supply the design with a hydraulic slew drive and hydraulic stabilizing outriggers which would be driven by a diesel engine run hydraulic pump. The Standard option can easily be rotated by hand with a safety lock mechanism to stop the ladder in the required position. The Standard option is driven by a 12V electrical assisted hydraulic pump to elevate the ladder to the required work angle. The hydraulic lift is done by a manual valve and the ladder is lowered by gravity. The hydraulic cylinder is fitted with a hose rupture valve to hold the cylinder in position in the event of a hose rupture or excessive leak.